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Concrete Patios Edmonton

  • Our process starts with a consultation to determine your needs and visions for your new patio or pad
  • Our project managers have invaluable experience in design and can aid you in deciding on an efficient design for your new concrete.
  • Once you’ve determined the layout and size, we offer you a number of finishing options. These include broom finish, smooth finish, exposed aggregate and coloured stamped concrete.
  • Even if your home has limited access, our crews shine when it comes to working in hard to reach areas.

Edmonton Concrete Experts offers our clients a host of options for concrete pads and patios. Whether you are seeking a functional pad for storage or a decorative patio for quality time with friends and family, rest assured you are in good hands. Whether you want a pad for a shed or a beautiful pad with a built in fire pit, Edmonton Concrete Experts is your best choice. Contact us today for a free quote on your concrete project.

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